How myK works

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Create your model

by using user-friendly interfaces. You will able to create your own "feedback form" adding every type of questions (simple, one choice, multi choices, table etc.) and ranging from simple polls to complex rule driven surveys

Collect feedback

from every channel (survey URLs, email, QR Code, sms, mobile...) in every considerable touch point (pre-experience, post experience, customer care, social network, event etc.) to connect you with your customers anywhere and at any time

Analyse data

the online analytical processing engine (OLAP) enables you to analyse survey and core data to discover trend and insight in real time. Analysis can range from ready-to-use preconfigured metadata and statistics to personalized views

Share insight

using details and KPI that can be exported just for presentation or to be used in other organization's systems. Or you can have at your disposal a role-based dashboards tailored ad relevant for every internal user from CEO to front-line

Act to improve

using myK both through efficient tactical activities (event-driven actions in real time as a consequence of the feedback) than through effective strategic choices (planned actions as a consequence of the discovered insight)


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Why myK?

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myK has been cited by Gartner since 2009 and it is the only italian reference in the EFM market.

For Gartner, myK is in "A smaller group of vendors, that provide enterprise feedback management applications that work across multiple channels and can be used for multiple processes."

Do I need it?

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Are you interested in the opinion of your customers/employees?


Do you need to gather informations you don't already have in your system because they are in the mind of your customer, employees, suppliers, partners etc.?


Are you thinking about some of the arguments/programs listed below?



Voice of the customer (Voc), Customer Feedback Management (CFM), Customer satisfaction, Customer Experience Management, Customer engagement, Customer service evaluation, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Product development, Competitive analysis, Direct marketing (DEM, newsletter, sms), Marketing Automation, Survey, Cawi, Event Data Driven, Event Data Driver, Workflow Action, Customer Insight and Action, Actionable Insight...

Voice of the Employee (Voe), Climate survey, Employee engagement, Employer branding, Performance evaluation, Training needs, Training evaluation, Training quiz, E-Learning, Recruiting evaluation, CV collection, CV scoring, Employee Survey, Employee newsletter, Event Data Driven, Event Data Driver, Workflow Action, Employee Insight and Action, Actionable Insight...


If your answer is affirmative then... YES, you need myK!


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myK offers two main fruition modes and interesting added services


Do you normally have problems to engage your IT department? Or maybe you simply prefer to manage your budget by yourself?

Purchase myK on Cloud:

  • Use myK to develop as many forms as you like and submit them to as many receivers as you want
  • Software runs on myK servers
  • myK cares about the systems and guarantees confidentiality, security, continuity, backup, upgrades, technical and content support as per SLA

On premise

Would you like to fully integrate myK within your enterprise systems? Do you prefer to keep sensible and material information in house?

Purchase myK on Premise:

  • We install myK on your servers respecting the policies of your IT department
  • Eventually we integrate it with your internal information systems (CRM, ERP, HR etc.)
  • Your IT department will be responsible of the systems

Added services

Do you need help to design or run your project? Don't you have enough time/resources to manage it?

In addiction to the software platform we provide:

  • consulting services
  • turn-key projects
  • training courses
  • training on the job activities
  • user help desk support
  • technical help desk support


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